As part of my university studies, I am learning about Modularization and Platform design. Now you might wonder what does this have to do with me being hacked?

Well on my pursuit of understanding the software modularization happening for cloud-gaming services, I handed out a beta key to one of my team members so we can not only analyze it but also experience this SaaS offered by nVidia, called GeForce Now.

Now, as my colleague tried to run the program, which by the way is outstanding (will not get into details here), it was not functioning properly. The window of the application was frozen and he couldn’t use the service (outstanding, right?).

Anyway, as an older user, I take in the responsibility of helping him get it to work and after I failed, I tried to contact nVidia support using the Live Chat function, which just timed me out after waiting for 15 minutes.

This is where the fun starts…

I made a post on Nvidia’s Forum, which had a special section for GeForce NOW PC users, asking if anyone else had this issue and what was the fix.

Shortly, I get this e-mail.

(Click here if you want to see the original, non-highlighted version)

Now, at this moment, I’m thinking “Great, a quick fix so we can move on with trying out the software”. But as I’m reading, the e-mail becomes more and more suspicious, as more and more red flags pop up, pointing to a scam e-mail.
So I decided to analyze all the points that gave it away and highlight them directly over the e-mail, so they can be understood easier.

Take a look and let me know if you find some more points.

Now, as I hope this is the first of the series on how scammers might try to get access to your PC or personal information, I hope this read was useful.

In the following blog posts on this subject, I will get more technical into trying to track who is behind the “David, the nVidia Customer support representative” pseudonym and how big this scam is, as it seems it is way bigger than expected.

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